The Favorite Vintage Delicate Replica Bronze Watches – Ruffian And Elegant Choice

The bronze watches are always used to add a sophisticated vintage feel, for the unique sense of color and coarseness, attracting a lot of people, today, we‘d like to recommend you three fake watches with retro style for the summer.

Luminous Scale Fake Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Watches

The bronze case reappeared the aesthetics of adopting the bronze material of ancient ships and other diving equipment. The reason why the chocolate bezel fake Tudor watches adopted the high performance aluminum copper alloy is that it would form a kind of subtle and unique luster for the wearer’s habits. This replica Tudor with very practical appearance, highlights the harsh environment its embodied. In addition, the full frosted case ensures the luster symmetry. And the replica Tudor watches firstly used the chocolate dial and brown bezel.

Dark Blue Dial Oris Carl Brashear Fake Watches

This Limited Edition plays homage to the motivational life of Carl Brashear – the first African-American descent in the history of the U.S. Navy (his story was made into a movie “Men of Honor”) in the first used bronze case. And the inspiration of this brown leather strap fake Oris watch comes from the copper scuba diving helmet in 1950s, and at the same time, as the non-ferrous metals, copper is the symbol of Brashear overcame the racial discrimination. And the design prototype of the new launched fake watches is just the reproduced one that revealed last year.

White Arabic Numerals Fake Hautlence Vortex Bronze Watches

Just as the name suggests, the case of this complicated movement fake Hautlence watch is made of the bronze. So for choosing this metal, for its vivid decoration effect, and at the same time, also means that each fake watch is with the unique luster for the living way of the wears. Except the material’s special, the halfback watchmaking technology and the futuristic design also makes it quite striking.