Replica IWC Pilot’s Watches Timezoner Chronograph for Professionals

IWC Schaffhausen is the only watch manufacturer to offer a world time model that shows a new time zone, including the new time and date, as the result of a simple twisting action. At the same time, the black-and-red 24-hour hand on the inner 24-hour ring shows whether it is night or day. The fake Pilot’s Watches Timezoner Chronograph on sale is the first mechanical watch that permits a new time zone to be set with a single rotation. Simply press the bezel down, turn to the desired time zone and release: the hour hand, 24-hour day/night display and date move automatically in sync. The countries with daylight saving time are identified on the rotating bezel by a small “s”.

IWC Pilot's Watches Timezoner Chronograph replica
To create the mechanism IWC’s engineers brought together three technologies: firstly, the city ring found on the hot replica Pilot’s watches Worldtimer, on which the name of each city stands for one of the international time zones. Next up is the spring-mounted rotating ring, first used in the Porsche Design Ocean 2000 from the 1980s. It can be moved only if pressure is applied simultaneously on two diametrically opposite sides, thus preventing accidental resetting of the time zone. And thirdly, we have the external/internal rotating bezel taken from the new Aquatimer generation. This transmits the movement via a differential gear to the hour wheel, 24-hour hand and date advance wheel.

IWC Pilot's Watches Timezoner Chronograph replica2

If, for example, you wish to know whether you are calling your business partner during office hours or at night, quickly turn the relevant city (i.e. time zone) to the top of the dial. The same principle applies to air travellers or pilots. Every time they change time zones, they can have the watch show them the local time and then revert to the time back home. All the details are delicate. You will not regret having this kind of gorgeous copy IWC watches which represent the high level and quality.